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He’s about 30 and still doesn’t understand relationships take a lot of work at times

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Modus operandi: ‘Contract’ had featured the coastal area and the paths terrorists use to enter in big Indian cities but ‘The Attacks of 26/11′ shows the precise roads

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API’s services include wholesale product delivery, retail services, marketing programs and business advisory services.

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Obama's call for postpartisanship looks unconvincing, when he is unable to point to a single important instance in his Senate career when he demonstrated bipartisanship

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This amino acid is essential for normal functioning of sperm cells

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As for the PLAY engine, which the EastWest folks have designed themselves, this has been my first interaction with it

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Most of the state’s independent schools are small, ranging from Brevard College in the mountains to Chowan University DownEast.

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us to do it," said Mahmoud Albaz, 33, an actor and real-estate agent who lives near the Brotherhood protest

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