About the VITA Program

Since 2006, the Coalition for Family Economic Progress has come together with a singular purpose: to economically empower the hard-working families of the El Paso area by helping them receive their entire tax refund free of charge. Through the VITA program, our private and public partners allow us to provide tax-related assistance such as:

  • Electronic tax preparation
  • Assistance with Individual Tax Identification Numbers

Our tax-preparation sites are spread across the greater El Paso area, allowing us to serve the communities of Far West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Through these services and locations, we are able to assist thousands of local families in making effective use of Earned Income and Child Tax Credits. Combined with our proven education and outreach efforts, we are able to help families use their tax refunds to build assets that strengthen communities and promote prosperity.


A coalition providing free tax preparation and awareness to qualifying families to increase economic independence and improve the quality of life in the Paso del Norte Region.